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Safety Inspection
Consistent approach to Safety Inspection that involves everyone, drive preventive measures, and provide data for compliance reporting.
Today's Challenges

No consistent way to track the execution of regular Safety Inspections, report on findings and implement preventive actions regularly. 

  • No consistent way to register and track preventive or corrective actions regarding Safety
  • Lack of visibility into the current and historical Safety Inspections and  actions by departments
  • Lack of visibility into the completion of findings from the Safety Inspections 
  • Ownership and activity is limited to the Safety team for creating, tracking and completing activities
Rever Benefits

Consistent approach to Safety Inspection that involves everyone, drive preventive measures, and provide data for compliance reporting.

  • Consistent way where everyone can register, track and complete Safety activities
  • Full visibility, at all levels, into in-progress and complete safety related activities over various time periods
  • Ensure timely completion with the visibility on what is pending, and who needs to take action
  • Make Safety everyone’s responsibility. Augment the owner of Safety with an army of employees.
Prepare & Publish the Routine

Create the Safety routine and the specific routine of the day in Rever. Define the teams and individuals that will do the Safety routine Key information - Name (e.g. Logistics Safety) - Area - Assignees - Frequency
Execute the Routine & Capture Findings

Assignees executed the Safety Audit and capture their findings. Findings may range from observations, to issues or improvement ideas. Key information - Finding Description - Due date - Picture - Assignee
Follow up on Findings

Employees address Findings individually or in collaboration with colleagues. Safety team and Managers maintain visibility into Findings, help drive execution, and track progress.
Share & Report

Visibility into activity, execution, and the impact on Safety across teams Share the learning across the organization. Provide reports and insight to leadership teams.
Warehouse Operations
Define the Safety Inspection Scope for the Warehouse
Establish the specific points to look for in each of the Safety Inspections and set a frequency. Initial training of supervisors and operators on what to look for, and why it is important. Safety Inspection created in Rever and assigned to specific team to run it.

Launch Routine and Capture Findings
Individuals perform Safety Inspection in the established frequency and log findings in Rever. Findings may be addressed immediately, or assigned to other team members to complete.

Track Results and Impact
Execution of findings is tracked and the savings ,or safety impact, on performance documented. Safety Inspection activity and results are reviewed regularly by the Safety department and provided for compliance,. Best practices and safety risks are shared across company to keep the awareness in more areas.