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Tap into the Creativity of over 100K Employees to Build a Better World


Grupo Bimbo is committed to work in a sustainable way to create better world. That includes the environment, the economy, the community, and its employees. Bimbo was looking for a platform to help engage and tap into the creativity of all employees to build a company that operates in a responsible, efficient, productive and humane way, taking care of our environment.

Rever Solution

Align Objectives: Launching campaigns around specific organization priorities with Rever Challenges. Dashboards provide real-time insight into accomplishments.
Empower Employees: Easy to use application in everyone's hands. Connecting individuals and team to collaborate and learn from each other.
Execute Operations: Leveraging guided PDCA workflow to get the appropriate review, approval, and then take action.


Bimbo rolled Rever out across the globe in a phased approach to focus on local buy-in and with a corporate oversight program to ensure consistency.
-Safety: Targeted campaigns to control the spread of COVID-19
-Quality: Shared knowledge across sites to increase product quality
-Costs: Waste reduction to increase process throughput by 25%
-Delivery: Turning information into action at the source to speed production
-People: Bringing associates together to share and collaborate

Samuel Gómez García
Global Continuous Improvement Director Grupo Bimbo

“Adopting Rever as a global platform has allowed us to transform the many innovative ideas into reality, as well as address issues much faster and right at the source. Rever is becoming a tool that strengthens daily our culture of continuous improvement in Grupo Bimbo."

About Bimbo

With more than 137,000 associates in 32 countries , Bimbo is the biggest bakery in the world. Grupo Bimbo is committed to work in a sustainable way for a better world and to generate economic development around the globe. Bimbo strives to improve the lifestyle of the communities where it has a presence and to become good neighbors. Bimbo is investing in technology and innovation to reduce our environmental footprint and create better communities.

About Rever

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA (USA), Rever is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering a digitized Continuous Improvement system for global industrial companies. It helps them engage and recognize all their frontline employees for executing daily improvement ideas and automatically share and reuse best practices across sites.