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Bohn Finds Savings, Strong Employee Engagement, and Increased Operating Efficiency with Rever's Continuous Improvement Solution

Continuous Improvement is a philosophy in which Bohn fully believes. It is the means by which Bohn looks for new ways to achieve its tactical goals, and main company objective-to supply its customers the best products via the best in innovation.

Their Challenges

Although Bohn has been dedicated to Continuous Improvement as a critical program to fulfill its objectives, especially around Quality, Bohn has been challenged to involve frontline employees. The program was driven from the executive leadership down to the administrative areas to identify and execute improvement ideas. Without the proper methodology, structure, and tools required to empower frontline employees, the Continuous Improvement program was only accessible to the management team.

Their Successes

The introduction of Rever's digitized Kaizen platform as part of a program to reinvigorate the participation in Bohn's Continuous Improvement program was embraced by employees. Some initial concerns about this change benefiting only management were quickly diffused, as employees realized that the program and technology empowered them to participate more actively, and provided transparency into a more structured process.

Bohn has reaped other meaningful benefits-namely robust employee engagement and monetary savings-from its use of Rever's Continuous Improvement solution in Mexico. During the first six months of use, Bohn has re-energized employees to participate in the Continuous Improvement program, with approximately 200 employees generating more than 250 ideas. Implementing these ideas has resulted in unprecedented savings across a wide range of areas including the reduction of machine leaks, the decrease of waste in the rolling process, and the optimization of material storage spaces.

Per Jhoan, "The next challenge we have as a company is to increase communication among functional areas, as well as sites," with Rever's digitized Kaizen platform helping pave the way.

About Bohn

For more than 50 years, Bohn has been a leader in refrigeration products built for the supermarket, grocery store, restaurant, and retail industries. Featuring a strong focus on innovation and the environment, Bohn offers cutting-edge technologies and outstanding efficiencies backed by world-class service and technical support.

Jose Eduardo Moras
Operations Manager of Bohn Merida

With the adoption of Rever's Continuous Improvement solution, Bohn now has a formal system to increase the likelihood of finding, prioritizing, and implementing improvements. Rever's platform "allows us to visualize the status of each improvement proposal, and it is agile and easy to use," according to Jose Eduardo Moras, Operations Manager of Bohn Merida. Per Jose, driving employee adoption with an easy-to-use solution was central to Bohn's selection of Rever.

Jhoan Castej6n Duran
Industrial Relations Coordinator

"In general terms, Rever gives us a method of managing projects and ideas." That method is foundational to the success of the Continuous Improvement program.

Felipe Cruz
Plant Manager

About Rever, Inc.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA (USA), Rever is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering a digitized Continuous Improvement system for global industrial companies. It helps them engage and recognize all their frontline employees for executing daily improvement ideas and automatically share and reuse best practices across sites.