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Detroit Manufacturing Systems

Creating transparency for the frontline and leadership


Improve the continuous improvement culture by creating transparency and insight at all levels of the organization.


Empowering the frontline to capture and own their improvement ideas and eliminating bottlenecks in the current process.

DMS Captures Improvement Ideas to Support a Continuous Improvement Culture

Rever Solution

  • Empower all employees to participate with easy mobile platform
  • Allow everyone to create, experiment, and implement ideas
  • Connect individuals to collaborate and share learning
  • Increase participation with gamification and recognition
  • Drive programs with real-time dashboards
  • Execute campaigns to focus everyone of specific company objectives

Performance Impact

  • Safety: Some opportunity areas has been prevented with specific visualization
  • Quality: We are preventing defects by working on internal certifications for better verification and inspection to reduce quality issues for our customers
  • Delivery: +12K of savings from one idea captured provides useful information to avoid wasting time
  • Costs: +150K USD in Annual Savings identified since August 2019
  • People: +290 Ideas captured since August 2019 with +20% implementation rate

“[Rever] assists us in joining and creating better assembly processes and creating a better working environment for our DMS family.“

Carvin Rudolph,
UAP Manager