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UNI Carriers

Activating the Frontline to Drive Innovation and Performance Improvement


In a world of increasing competition and unpredictable economics trends such as trade tariffs, UniCarrier - a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries -  has to be more dynamic, innovative, and productive than ever. Harnessing frontline innovation is a core tenet at UniCarrier.  


Transitioning from a timely paper and pencil process to a new digitized process to provide more insight into ideas and help quantify results.  

UniCarriers Empowers the Frontline With Rever’s Continuous Improvement Platform


Rever Solution

  • Empower all employees to participate with easy mobile platform
  • Allow everyone to create, experiment, and implement ideas
  • Connect individuals to collaborate and share learning
  • Increase participation with gamification and recognition
  • Drive programs with real-time dashboards
  • Execute campaigns to focus everyone of specific company objectives

Performance Impact

  • Safety: Better Visual Management to identify key materials and prevent safety Hazards
  • Quality:Better identification of damaged parts in reception allows us to prevent quality issues in the process
  • Delivery: A faster layout adjustment allows us to save 1 min per production part in one line
  • Costs: Over $825K USD Annual Savings (validated) identified
  • 650+ Ideas created with over 80% implemented since March 2019

“What is so powerful for our team is, it is so easy to get lost in the analytics of trying to make a decision, but here we go straight to the experiment part. That speaks volumes to being able to get our frontline to help us solve some of our most challenging problems that impact our customer experience.”

Mary Gatlin,
Senior Manager