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Creating transparency for the frontline and leadership in Automotive Manufacturing


Improve the continuous improvement culture by creating transparency and insight at all levels of the organization. Empower the frontline to capture and own their improvement ideas and eliminate bottlenecks in the current process.

Rever Solution

Align Objectives: Launching campaigns around specific organization priorities with Rever Challenges. Dashboards provide real-time insight into accomplishments.
Empower Employees: Easy to use application in everyone's hands. Connecting individuals and team to collaborate and learn from each other.
Execute Operations: Leveraging guided PDCA workflow to get the appropriate review, approval, and then take action.


Significant impact across the organization with a focus on Quality where the Rever was paired with a new certification process.
-Safety: New Visual Management preventing injuries in all areas
-Quality: Preventing defects with internal certifications for better verification and inspection
-Costs: +$150K USD savings identified in 5 months
-Delivery: $12K of savings from one idea that helps to avoid wasting time
-People: New records in number of idea contributed by team

Carvin Rudolph
UAP Manager

“Rever assists us in joining and creating better assembly processes and creating a better working environment for our DMS family.“

About Detroit Manufacturing Systems

Detroit Manufacturing Systems is a world-class automotive supplier that engenders pride in our team members, whose lives are transformed by their ability to learn new skills and work every day in a welcoming environment, where we use innovative technology to deliver high-quality vehicle interior components on time to our customers. Quality works.

About Rever

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA (USA), Rever is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering a digitized Continuous Improvement system for global industrial companies. It helps them engage and recognize all their frontline employees for executing daily improvement ideas and automatically share and reuse best practices across sites.