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Mars's Deployment of Rever's Continuous Improvement Software Fuels Digital Transformation, Innovation, Savings, and Frontline Engagement

Their Challenges

Mars Petcare expertly serves the healthcare and food needs of pets worldwide. Its plants, Mars Guadalajara (Mars GDL) and Mars Queretaro (Mars QRO), prepare premium pet food. They operate by Mars's guiding principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom.

Both plants operated their Continuous Improvement programs independently, but encountered the same problems in creating and executing ideas. The evaluation and approval of ideas was slow; implementation was low; overall engagement was poor.

Mars GDL's process was manual and paper-driven, causing ideas to take from months to a year for the generation and approval of improvement ideas. As a result, many ideas were never implemented because the costs to do so would have outweighed the benefits.

Mars QRO's process, although digitized, suffered from delays and low implementation of ideas, which discouraged employee involvement. The existing platform was also not user-friendly, did not promote collaboration, the formation of teams, and the quantification of the expected benefits.

Also, there did not exist a tool for easily sharing ideas between sites. Consequently, best practices were not easily reproducible, and each location wasted much time and effort by having to reinvent the wheel to generate and implement ideas.

Their Successes

Since deploying Rever's digitized Continuous Improvement application, both facilities have experienced great improvements. Because Rever's Saas application is configurable and not customized for each plant, costs have been reduced, and constant updates have been easier to make. Additionally, it is a complete system based on the PDCA cycle, with problems solved in a matter of hours or days. Rever has offered an extremely friendly and simple way to register improvement initiatives. Moreover, it has allowed user interaction, communication of priorities, and recognition in real time.

Ender Alexander Delgado

Mars GDL's Continuous Improvement manager determined that a technological application was needed to eliminate the barriers to Continuous Improvement at his facility. He sought one whereby workers could use their talent to solve operational problems and receive recognition for their efforts.

Ender came across Rever, after noticing his wife excitedly using its mobile application on her cell phone. He learned that the global industrial company where she worked uses Rever on its mobile devices to generate ideas, experiment quickly, carry out the ideas, and receive recognition. He subsequently made Zoe Vizcarra, Mars QRO's Continuous Improvement manager, aware of Rever and its mobile application.

"'Rever has been much more than a supplier; it has been an ally, accompanying Mars Guadalajara and Mars Queretaro every step of the way. With the addition in 2018 of Rever's mobile app, these facilities together, in the first quarter alone, generated over 400 ideas and implemented 117. This is a considerable improvement over the combined average quarterly output under the previous Continuous Improvement programs. In less than 12 weeks, our facilities recouped the cost of their investment in Rever. They also benefited non-monetarily, seeing improvements in quality, safety, and efficiency."

Ender praises Rever and its mobile application.

Per Ender, frontline employees have embraced Rever's digitized Kaizen system, empowering them to help solve problems and create successes, thus engaging them in the Continuous Improvement process. Frontline workers now feel a part of the solution and appreciate being better recognized for their contributions.

Zoe recounts improvements, too.

"Rever allows us to share knowledge and experience between plants, allows us to work as a team, and provides us with an excellent platform to recognize each other for all things, big and small, that we try to do better every day."

Ender and Zoe have been so impressed with the results that their plants have achieved by using Rever and its mobile application that their hope is that Mars adopts Rever globally to drive its Continuous Improvement programs. To that end, they have made Rever their proposed entry into Mars's "Make the Difference" program, in which actions proposed must be independent of Mars's global initiatives, reproducible to other sites, and must follow at least one of Mars's guiding principles.

About Rever, Inc.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, CA (USA), Rever is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company offering a digitized Continuous Improvement system for global industrial companies. It helps them engage and recognize all their frontline employees for executing daily improvement ideas and automatically share and reuse best practices across sites.