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Welcome to the Lean Frontline. In this podcast series, Rever CEO and co-founder, Errette Dunn, explores critical aspects of empowering frontline workers in successful digital transformation initiatives. Errette uncovers the nature of successful lean initiatives through a series of fascinating interviews with experts from around the globe. Topics include:

  • Power of continuous improvement in all aspects of a company and team.
  • Adopting lean as a foundational business strategy and a lifestyle.
  • Recognizing and empowering the frontline worker – each and every one.
  • The right digital transformation toolset in Industry 4.0.
  • Stories from field about lean manufacturing journeys.
  • The vital role of data, analytics, and digitization at the frontline.

Hosted By Errette Dunn  Errette Dunn is Rever’s CEO and co-founder. For the last decade he has helped teams and companies in over 15 countries drive performance, by developing a culture of non-stop improvement. Errette learned about Lean and Kaizen at the source, during his work at Toyota Motor Company.

Errette Dunn

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