Rever has created a platform that helps the enterprise become more nimble and adaptive to change. Frankly, startups should be worried.
— Adeo Ressi. CEO, Founder Institute

Rever is an action-oriented platform that helps your teams implement more ideas, share best practices and visualize results.

In Rever, every single idea becomes an experiment. We empower your workers with everything they need to capture, prototype, and collaborate to execute their improvements.

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  • Cascade and communicate Challenges to your desk-less workers, even if they don't have a corporate email or access to your intranet.
  • Rever Challenges are contests that promote participation by providing recognition and rewards to your most active people.
Rever pushes innovation and improvement to the frontline, empowering employees from all areas in the company to improve the ways of working on a daily basis.
— Dermot O'Connor - Futures Designer at Kinit

Intuitive mobile app that is a pleasure to use

  • Designed with the frontline worker in mind, the Rever mobile app is simple, fun and has a 5-minute learning curve without training.
  • Through our mobile app, your employees capture their ideas, form their own teams, and collaborate to run experiments and validate them.
  • It even works offline, for those areas with patchy internet connectivity.

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Rev Stream: The intelligent Idea Hub

  • Managers no longer have to be bottlenecks for finding and evaluating ideas.
  • Automated filtering of ideas by category, department, geography, etc.
  • Intelligent sorting of best Revs based on idea meritocracy: stage in Rever cycle, Coach validation, and up-voting by peers.


  • Previous solutions are instantly shown when capturing a new problem or idea.
  • Why reinvent the wheel? Results from other experiments in your organization are presented just-in-time.
If your organization knew what it knows, it would be unstoppable.
— Frontline Innovation Manifesto
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  • Don’t let your team waste time making a presentation. Rever automatically fits your Rever Cycle in a single page that can be printed or saved as PDF.
  • Ideal for sharing best practices or for requesting approvals and budgets.
  • Easy to read, easy to like, easy to approve.

ReverScore: improvement and innovation as a game

Because even the best software would be worthless if your people don't use it.

 Entrepreneurs earn points to increase their ReverScore by advancing their ideas through the Rever Cycle.

Entrepreneurs earn points to increase their ReverScore by advancing their ideas through the Rever Cycle.

 Boost participation with instant recognition through leaderboards, ranking by areas, trending ideas, and active Challenges

Boost participation with instant recognition through leaderboards, ranking by areas, trending ideas, and active Challenges

In a fun and agile way, Rever engages all members of an organization in the very necessary (but always postponed) activities of continuous improvement and innovation.
— Leo N'Haux . CEO, Qualtop Group

Rever Dashboard

Analytics: get a real-time view of the consolidated impact of Rever

Company-wide overview, or drill down by department or site:

  • Participation trends
  • Idea implementation rates
  • Overview of stages towards completion
  • Financial impact per month: revenue and savings
  • Total Return on Investment
  • Category breakdown

And if you need more detail, you can extract and download your data for analysis.

Be able to quickly visualize the benefits of Rever. Your boss will love you for it.

Organizations that adopt Rever will benefit significantly by creating a substantial impact on the company’s culture. It increases motivation and recognition of people’s participation in continuous improvement.
— Omar Corredor - Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015 Bureau Veritas

Rever Cycle: more experiments, less Rejected sugGestions

Trying is cheaper than analyzing.
— Frontline Innovation Manifesto
  • Beyond mere ideation, Rever guides users step by step into execution via the Rever Cycle, a scientific approach to materializing improvement.
  • Rather than throwing a suggestion over the wall to an evaluation committee, the Rever Cycle delivers ownership, responsibility and empowerment to the author of the idea.
  • It promotes entrepreneurship, experimentation, and organizational learning

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With Rever I can express myself without judgment, try without fear, experiment without bureaucracy, and document without complications... above all: I can impact and generate real value.
— Francisco Salinas. Customer Experience Manager, KIO Networks