Rever is a Frontline Innovation Management System, online and in your pocket. 

Rever engages everybody within your company in accelerating innovation and continuous improvement by providing them the ability, the motivation and the recognition for implementing simple improvements at the workplace.


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The Rever mobile application is simple, fun, lightning-fast and offers enterprise-grade security.

Don't miss a single opportunity or idea: capture it with a few taps, and you're set! Rever will then guide you, step by step, to making it a reality.

As a Next-Generation Idea Management software, Rever is way more than a suggestion system. Rever guides users beyond ideation and into execution via the Rever Cycle, a scientific approach to materializing innovation:

Relate - Experiment - Verify - Expand - ReVIEW

The Rever cycle promotes experimentation, validation and organizational learning. 

It makes Frontline Innovation happen


As they advance their ideas through teamwork, users earn points for their personal ReverScore.

Points can be exchanged for real rewards, like gift cards and company benefits.

Users can link their ReverScore to their profiles in social networks, their CV, and they keep their ReverScore even if they change organizations.

an incentive system that promotes action and teamwork

Rever’s intelligent algorithm allows the best ideas to rise to the top when they’re more advanced in the Rever Cycle, validated by coaches, and up-voted by peers.  

Managers no longer have to be the bottlenecks for idea evaluation, allowing to effectively decentralize innovation.

Get a real-time view on the current impact of daily Frontline Innovation on your team's morale, your customers' satisfaction, and the return on investment for your business.

Rever uses Machine Learning algorithms to provide you with specific suggestions on how to enhance the future benefits for your company, based on historical data from Challenges, Rewards, Team profiles, user interactions, and industry best practices.

Every journey needs a destination. Every innovation needs a purpose. Every effort requires focus.

Within Rever, the organization can set ReverChallenges that will drive your team in a specific direction.

These focused campaigns can have their own leaderboards and rewards, to drive a healthy incentive for improvement.



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