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Standardized routines create confidence and accountability

Create regular operational excellence routines with standardized checklists to ensure consistent execution, streamlined task creation, and reliable issue resolution.

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Digitize Checklists and Tasks

“Rever has made it easy for us to ensure that all our frontline managers are getting out into the shopfloor. When they collect consistent information, it makes our reporting much easier, and we can see trends that need to be addressed.”

Regular, standardized routines

  • Create, assign, and schedule routine activities
  • Digitize checklists to guide the consistent running of processes
  • Improve processes with feedback and data insights

Capture tasks, and drive them to completion

  • Capture findings in a consistent and complete format
  • Assign tasks to the right individual(s) and track the completion
  • Leverage virtual teams and guided workflows to accelerate completion

Real-time insights into routines, findings, and tasks

  • Real-time dashboard into routine activity and follow-up
  • Track who is completing their assigned routines on time
  • Show the performance improvements driven by your people

Rever in Action

Driving Frontline Excellence by standardizing routines and executing tasks

  • Weekly 5S Audits throughout your site
  • Gemba Walks completed and reported by supervisors
  • Preventive Maintenance checks on packaging line
Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Mars, BASF, GrandVision, Hyundai, ...

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