The power to activate your most valuable untapped resource. The Frontline.

Rever’s powerful and easy-to-use smartphone app engages frontline employees in Continuous Improvement programs.

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Empower your team

Ignite the untapped potential
Of your Frontline

Rever provides a Smartphone app for employees to create, experiment, and implement new ideas, while equipping leaders with a SaaS platform for to plan, track, and report.


Upgrade Continuous Improvement
Program Performance


More Alignment on Company Goals

Launch challenges to your team that align to company objectives and drive everyone’s efforts towards a common direction.

Recognition System

Increased Employee Participation

Build a habit of driving new ideas as part of a continuous improvement culture among all employees by giving them access to Rever.


Higher Implementation Rates

Decentralize the program to eliminate bottlenecks, and foster accountability which increases attention and velocity on ideas.

Offline Mode

Reuse and Share Ideas

Leverage ideas across teams and sites as everyone can access past ideas and Rever makes automatic suggestions based on machine learning.

Learning System

Elevate Idea Quality

Ownership of ideas and transparency elevates the quality of the ideas submitted by employees

Social Ready

Improved Sustainability

Visibility into which ideas have been implemented in the past makes it easier to ensure improvements are maintained.


Enterprise ready out of the box.

Just the magic you need.

  • Web and Mobile SaaS Platform
  • Proven deployment program.
  • Training material library.
  • On-boarding to drive adoption
  • Unlimited access to remote support

Your I.S. Team will love us.

  • Enterprise-grade security and control
  • Active directory integration
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Data backups for your safety
  • GDPR and International Data Privacy Policies
Enterprise-ready solution

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