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Build a culture of Operational Excellence at the frontline via a company program


As Sigma continues to grow and expand across the globe, it became critical to establish more consistent approach to how the frontline drives operational excellence. Rever provided a scalable platform easy enough for anyone at the frontline, and flexible enough for a variety of business processes.

Rever Solution

Implement an operational excellence program across all parts of the organization to improve quality, safety, sustainability and cost reduction.

Improve documentation on situations out of standard, the corrective actions taken to fix them, and the associated maintenance reports

Create a digitized library of best practices that can be shared across sites.


Cost Reduction Over $100K in validated savings with the launch of the program

Employee Engagement Record number of ideas and just-do-its completed

Quality ImprovementOver 930 Revs related to quality generated in one year

Jorge Montero
Jorge Montero
Jorge Montero
Quality Research Center Manager

“One of the main goals with Sigma is to work as a One Single Company. This means that all of our sites can share best practices and lessons learned. Rever helps us to scale and replicate best practices, while impacting the culture positively."

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