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Unleash the Promise of Intelligence in Industry 4.0: A No-nonsense Data Playbook for Manufacturers

Presented by Errette Dunn

Most Industrial companies (92%) have adopted some form of Internet of Things (IoT). But less than 15% of those actually see the any benefit from the data-generating efforts.
It seems the flood of data is simply archived and it fails to turn into any form of impact or productivity increase.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the following:
-The common pitfalls of digitalization in manufacturing, and how to avoid them (e.g. “just go from paper to digital”)
-The key elements to turn a stagnant data warehouse into a data flywheel that delivers actionable insights
-The role of your people for turning data into productivity
-A step-by-step framework for any industrial leader to deliver immediate results while building long-term strategic value

Most data frameworks just give you a scorecard. We’ll show you how to improve your score.

About the Presenter:

Errette Dunn is the Co-founder and CEO of Rever, the Frontline Operational Excellence platform for industrial companies. Prior to Rever, Errette worked at Toyota and Airbus leading transformation efforts. The last 6 years he has resided in Silicon Valley helping global Enterprises to engage their employees and drive productivity through technology.