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Employee Engagement Software – Leverage Kaizen To Scale!

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employee engagement with Rever

Employee engagement software can have a transformative effect on a business. It enables you to collect feedback, prioritize initiatives, and communicate across the entire organization. Engaged employees are more productive employees so their happiness directly affects the bottom line. But with so many digital business tools and online platforms to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business? In this article, sss and the benefits that employee engagement software offers.


Why Employee Engagement Is Important

Employee engagement can have a profound effect on an organization. It’s not just about ticking a box for HR – it influences profitability, safety, and customer satisfaction. Engaged employees are a hugely valuable resource and can be the difference between success and failure in business. Yet, this aspect of management doesn’t always register with senior leaders who prefer to concentrate on performance management or goal setting. But for those who choose to focus on it, engagement can deliver a significant competitive advantage.


Engaged employees are passionate about the work they do. They go the extra mile to deliver customer value and achieve organizational objectives. Research shows that they take fewer sick days and are more productive than their unengaged counterparts. Front line staff are closer to challenges and frequently occurring issues, which often means they’re better placed to suggest solutions and improvements. They know exactly how to cut costs, improve safety, and boost efficiency.


Engaged workers are those who feel that they’re good at their work and that what they do matters (regardless of whether that’s marketing, finance, or maintenance). Employees who know their actions make a difference will seek out ways to improve upon what they do. But it’s not just a case of running employee surveys or investing in software solutions. Employers need to provide the type of feedback that validates their employees’ work. This shows employees you’re tuned in to their suggestions is a strong way to boost engagement and productivity.


Research indicates that employees who feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. These are the employees who will actively seek out opportunities to improve the customer experience. They will go out of their way to close as many sales as possible and delight their clients. These are the employees who drive continuous improvement and increase productivity for themselves. Tapping into their collective knowledge can be a powerful asset for any company.


How Kaizen Engages Employees

There are a number of different engagement tools and activities that companies can use with their staff. These are usually tactical initiatives that address one aspect of engagement. They usually involve a quick engagement survey, incentive programs, or social recognition. But an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value that Kaizen can bring to increasing engagement. By adopting a holistic continuous improvement approach, they can drive increases in several areas of the business at once. This makes it a more efficient strategy than focusing on individual engagement initiatives. Here’s an overview of the ways that Kaizen can boost employee satisfaction and engagement.


Enables Companies To Listen To Their Employees

Adopting a Kaizen approach enables companies to listen to input and learn from employee experiences. It provides a framework for gathering real-time feedback and suggestions, then acting on them. This shows staff that their ideas are valued. Their input isn’t just lost in the black hole of a suggestion box – it’s reviewed and acted upon where appropriate.


Aids Communication

Kaizen encourages people to discuss ideas and reach out to different departments. Its management tools help to breakdown those troublesome silos that can easily develop as companies grow larger. Poor communication can be a huge source of frustration for employees. But Kaizen can help to create a different type of culture in which employees engage more with each other, as well as the company itself.


Supports Employee Education

One of the ways that Kaizen drives improvement is by encouraging staff to question the status quo. Is the current method really the best way of doing things? How can mistakes be avoided in the future? And what’s the best way to share new best practices across the wider organization? This is one of the areas where Kaizen and employee engagement software can really dovetail to provide one single solution.


Increases Transparency

Implementing the Kaizen process involves being open about ideas, mistakes, and improvement programs. Feedback isn’t just collected and then forgotten about, it’s reviewed and then prioritized based on its potential impact. People who submit ideas receive responses that tell them if or how their suggestion is going to be followed up. It creates a level of transparency so that employees and management are all on the same page. With a digital management platform, this process is completely automated which avoids any potential bottlenecks in reviews or communicating updates.


Facilitates the Celebration of Successes

Improved communication makes it easier to share successes and celebrate achievements. No matter how large or small, any improvement in your business is worth celebrating. Kaizen makes it easier to highlight the hard work of employees and recognize their efforts. Staff appreciate it when their activities are valued enough to be shared with the wider team, department, or company. Employee recognition also motivates others to put in more effort so that they’ll be recognized in the same way. This creates a cycle of success and motivation that quickly extends throughout an organization.


Why Use Engagement Software?

You can enjoy all of these engagement benefits by implementing traditional Kaizen methods. But one way to make it even easier is by leveraging the latest digital software. It streamlines the entire process and makes management a breeze. Here’s how Kaizen-centered employee engagement software can benefit a business.


It Creates an Engagement Culture

Employee engagement software can drive cultural transformation. Instead of engagement being an HR buzzword it becomes central to how your organization operates. Company culture is created by its employees. Managers can set the tone and implement initiatives but it’s really down to staff to uphold it on a day-to-day basis. Software can underpin this culture by making employees feel listened to and valued. By using digital platforms to crowdsource innovation, you can create a culture that has engaged employees at its heart.


It Leverages the Knowledge of Your People

Could you quantify how much knowledge is inside the heads of your workforce? Whatever type of business you run, you’ll always find that there are some staff who have a next level ability to retain information. They know exactly how everything works, what to do in unpredictable situations, and how to resolve unexpected issues. In most companies, this knowledge remains inside the heads of those expert employees. If they move on, then the information is lost with them. But employee engagement software enables you to capture this knowledge, share it with the wider team, and avoid information loss. It helps best practices to be promoted and scaled across the company. An engagement platform allows you to digitize their vast experience and open it up to a wider audience.


It Promotes Inclusivity Among Staff

Introducing a collaboration platform into a company promotes inclusivity among staff. It provides people with a channel through which they can make suggestions and allow their employee voice to be heard. Instead of only the loudest or most confident staff members providing input, everyone has a chance to be involved. Employee engagement software helps to create a level playing field where everyone has equal access to resources and can contribute to the success of a company.


It Speeds Up Response Times

If there’s one way to decrease employee morale, then it’s making staff feel like their opinions don’t matter. When they take the time to submit ideas but don’t receive a quick response, it can negatively affect morale and make them feel ignored. This is tricky for managers to navigate – it’s often the case that they’re busy with other activities and haven’t had a chance to review the submissions properly. This is especially difficult when ideas are coming at them from all sides – email, instant messages, chats by the water cooler, and notes in the suggestion box. Employee engagement software enables feedback to be funnelled to the right person via one single channel. It can provide alerts and reminders if they aren’t acted upon within a specific time period. This streamlines the process making it more manageable so that employees receive updates quickly. In many cases, they can even check the progress of a submission in real time using an online dashboard, removing the need for emails or phone calls back and forth.


It Simplifies Rewards and Recognition

People like to be recognized and rewarded for their good ideas. Employee engagement software has this capacity built-in so that staff get credit where its due. Some platforms also integrate gamification into the processes so that elements of fun are introduced. This may be through leader-boards, games, competitions, or badges. However it’s achieved, the key is to ensure that employee feedback is rewarded so that they’re encouraged to keep participating in the future.


It Enhances Communication

In theory, broadcasting and communication should be easy in a digital workplace. With so many tools at our fingertips, communicating progress updates and program data should be simple. But the reality is that most employees are overwhelmed by the number of emails, notifications, and shear volume of information that they’re bombarded with. Employee engagement software streamlines the flow of information and facilitates meaningful communication. This removes bottlenecks and reduces white noise so that employees are able to see the wood from the trees. Good recommendations can be separated from less productive ideas and then acted upon promptly. Project plan updates can be shared with those who need to know instead of everyone in a company receiving a blanket email. Key best practice points and actionable insight can be promoted across an organization so that all departments benefit from good ideas.


These are just a few examples of the ways that employee engagement software can benefit a business. When ideas are shared and communication is optimized, staff become more open to providing feedback and taking it onboard too. Your employees’ engagement is paramount to productivity, safety, and profitability. So, why not explore the competitive advantage that this type of tool can offer?


Rever is a powerful digital platform that combines Kaizen principles, a knowledge sharing CMS, and employee engagement software into one solution. It makes strategic planning, project implementation, and team experience management a breeze. Use it to assign tasks, plan programs, or download reports. Compare feedback suggestions, prioritize those with maximum impact, assign them to different users, and increase visibility via the mobile app to that employees see their ideas being acted upon. By incorporating our engagement platform into your processes, you can increase employee satisfaction and improve employee productivity in one move.


Your Engagement-Driving Continuous Improvement Tool

Rever is all about sharing and reusing, doing and tracking. Continuous improvement becomes a hundred times easier with our innovative digital platform and employee engagement software. Using Rever’s dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your teams, the summary of their impact, and easily identify the people making the biggest difference at your company.


Rever Cycle is our version of the PDCA methodology and guides your teams on the exact steps to follow to execute their own ideas. It allows them to capture the entire process, from identifying a problem to experimenting and implementing a solution. They can use it to capture the before and after with pictures, notes and drawings, making their ideas a reality in no time. The time of your team is too valuable to be wasted in handmade drawings and complex explanations.


At Rever, we believe that anybody can be a knowledge worker and thrive. What makes us human is the capacity to grow our intellect and will, and to use them for good. We observe, especially at work, that most people are asked to stop thinking and do as they are told. We want to change that. We enable people to achieve their full creative potential.

Would you like to learn more about Rever’s employee engagement software capabilities or customer case studies? Then get a demo today with one of our friendly experts.

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