THE Idea Management CONUNDRUM

Most companies are under tremendous pressure to find opportunities to improve their offerings, boost sales, increase revenue or improve conditions at the workplace.

At the same time, most companies overlook their most valuable source of useful insights to drive innovation: frontline employees.


Are you leaving up to 90% of your team out of your innovation efforts?

Frontline employees build your products, deliver your services and interact directly with your customers. It's only natural that they have the best understanding of the existing problems and the best ideas on how to improve things.

The organizations that do realize this, still face the challenge: how to tap into the collective intelligence of frontline workers?


The problem: suggestion-box thinking

Photo: Hash Milhan

Many companies resort to the suggestion box or its digital variant: idea management software, often referred to as innovation management systems.

Either way, this software continues to have the same issues that the suggestion box has had for more than 100 years: they are good for capturing ideas, but fail to consistently implement them. Therefore, trust in the idea management system quickly fades.

How to promote participation in innovation at scale? How can managers avoid becoming bottlenecks as they evaluate and approve ideas?


Think out of the (suggestion) box

Our answer: forget about the suggestion box and evaluation funnel.

Here's how Rever solves the issues of traditional innovation management software:

Rever vs Idea Management



Rever delivers real Frontline Innovation, nonstop.


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