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Frontline Workers Celebrated in Kia’s Super Bowl Commercial

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Kia Motors made a touchdown with its Super Bowl commercial for the 2020 Telluride SUV and its celebration of frontline workers.

The commercial is narrated by a young member of West Point, Ga. West Point is the location of Korea-based Kia Motor’s first manufacturing site in North America. “We are not famous,” the narrator says as the commercial opens. But as the viewer tours the town, the narrator continues, “We are incredible and we make incredible things.”

Here at Rever, we couldn’t agree more. Every purchase we make first took shape at the hands of a frontline worker. Now more companies than ever our recognizing that their frontline workers have exceptional value beyond the products that they make. They also contain incredible insight into how to improve processes for making these products.

Of course, Kia isn’t stopping with a commercial—they’re looking to add value to their town and workforce with the launch of The Great Unknowns Scholarship program.

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