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Over the last few weeks, the Lean Frontline Podcast series on Conversations with Consultants has been warmly received with hundreds of downloads. We’re thrilled to announce these four upcoming podcasts:

Rich Hazeltine, Available Sept 1: As a ICF Certified Coach, Rich helps organizations measure and optimize the talent, behaviors and motivators of their workforce as strategy to produce the best results and performance. In this episode, he will discuss how bridging emotional intelligence with data, frontline connectivity, and user experience for new tools are critical in building a resilient company. 

Russ Jordan, Available Sept 8: As the Owner and Principal Consultant for LEAN Enterprise Solution with 37+ years of executive experience, Russ supports his clientele with management, communications, and implementation practices and processes providing a roadmap for their success, while retaining their focus on the day-to-day issues. In this episode, he will share how investing 15 minutes every morning can lead to personal investment from every team member on the work floor.

Scott Schwarz, Available Sept 15: Scott has been in operations management, quality management, and Lean Six Sigma for 30+ years. As the President of Lean Tactics Global, he helps businesses improve their processes and increase efficiency. Scott will share his thoughts on how anyone can become a Lean master, the importance of a Gemba Walk, and why metrics and technology create a positive feedback loop.

Santiago Mayagoitia, Available Sept 22: Santiago is the President of the Chamber of Young People of Jalisco Consulting Companies, Engineer of the 2019, Vice President of the CCJEJ, and internationally endorsed by the IASSC. In this episode, Santiago will focus on the key components of culture, waste, and technology.

Stay up to date on our thought-provoking interviews with a focus on  continuous improvement and lean experts, practitioners and innovators from around the globe. The Lean Frontline Podcast is available on Spotify, Stitcher, and other streaming platforms.

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