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Tune In to Fresh Insight from Legends of The Lean Frontline

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Lean leaders eager to glean fresh insight from experts in the field have a new resource. The Lean Frontline Podcast will explore each week how the best operational leaders are innovating to drive a successful culture of excellence.

The podcast is hosted by Errette Dunn, co-founder and CEO of Rever, the digital kaizen platform. Dunn is bringing his experience at Toyota and Airbus to bear in helping renowned global industrial leaders such as Audi, Mars, Philip Morris, and Grupo Bimbo promote a culture of improvement done by everyone, everywhere and every day.

In the first releases from this new weekly podcast, listeners will discover conversations with Lean legends retracing their first steps from their first introduction to a continuous improvement mindset. You’ll find:

  • The “godfather of Lean” Norman Bodek shares the “aha” moment when he first discovered the impact of Lean — and how you too can expand Lean’s impact to create a Lean frontline in your operations.
  • Self-proclaimed “Lean maniac” Paul Akers reveals the most important question Lean leaders need to understand to “sell Lean” to plant managers.
  • Teacher Dan Markovitz takes a fresh approach to teaching Lean that gets people thinking beyond manufacturing to the broad ways in which the core concepts apply to every business.
  • Change enthusiast Andrei Anca explains strategies to turn even the most change-adverse frontline employee into a change leader.

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