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Rever Adds Digital DMAIC Tool to Frontline Platform

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DMAIC (pronounced Deh-May-Ick) is a problem-solving framework that takes teams from discovering root causes to long-term, stable standard work. The powerful five-step process is simple enough to be used by a wide range of individuals and applicable to any number of process problems.

The DMAIC consists of the following five steps:

  1. Define: Describe the problems that need to be solved and for the key business decision-makers to be aligned on the goal of the project
  2. Measure: Collect the relevant information to baseline the current performance of the product or the process.
  3. Analyze: Identify which process inputs or parameters have the most critical effect on the outputs.
  4. Improve: Identify a wide range of potential solutions before identifying the critical solutions which will give us the maximum return for our investment and directly fix the root cause we identified.
  5. Control: Ensure that the new changes become business as normal and we do not revert to the same way of working as before.


Why standardize your Problem Solving on DMAIC?

  • Simple and accessible for everyone. While there is some basic training required, the process is intuitive enough that it can be used by a very broad audience.
  • Drive a data-driven improvement process. DMAIC drives a standardized collection of information and ensures a focus on the facts and the data associated with the problem.
  • Ensure a consistent process with deep analysis. The steps of the DMAIC process help everyone to go through a comprehensive analysis of the problem, and the associate solution.
  • Apply to a wide variety of problems. DMAIC can be applied to a wide range of problems which allows individuals to consistently use their skills, as well as collaborate more easily. 

Watch a quick overview video:

DMAIC is now featured in the Rever problem solving module, providing the following advantages for you to incorporate DMAIC for as many people as possible in your organization.

  • Anyone with a PC across the organization has access.
  • Step-by-step guided workflow through the entire process.
  • Collaboration is facilitated with virtual teams.
  • Real-time insights and shared learnings are available across your organization.
  • Financial impact is tracked for each problem to show performance improvement.
  • Complements Rever’s Innovation and Quick Fix workflows to provide a complete toolset and central repository for all your lean activities.
  • Recognize those that are contributing to your program and elevating operational performance.


“Rever has allowed us to activate a standardized DMAIC problem solving methodology across the company. We are now collaborating better not only inside the organization, but also with our suppliers and customers.”


Get started today. 


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