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Rever Earns “High Performer” Customer Rating

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Reviewers on the world’s largest tech marketplace and enterprise software review site have spoken out in favor of Rever. Rever has earned a “high performer” rating on G2’s fall software ratings for Idea and Innovation Management and captured the #2 spot for usability.

A new player in the field, Rever differentiates itself from other idea management solutions by focusing on the industrial frontline. Rever seeks to empower that frontline to identify improvement solutions and execute ideas through a structured methodology such as PDCA, 8D or Quick Action. For anyone familiar with driving a Lean, Kaizen or Continuous Improvement program, Rever presents a true breakthrough in activating participants to build a program culture through action.

What makes Rever so user-friendly?

Rever landed the #2 spot on G2’s user-friendly list based on feedback from current users at all stages of their continuous improvement journey. It earned that rating based on three simple criteria.

Source: G2’s Top Easiest to Use Idea Management Software

  • It’s easy to use: Rever is designed for the frontline worker with a learning curve measured in minutes. Powerful out-of-the box reporting supports real-time tracking for implemented ideas’ impact on company performance.
  • It’s easy to administer: The main administration functions within Rever revolve around managing users. This is easily done via an intuitive interface that also allows the selection for different languages.
  • It’s a full solution: Rever does what it promises to the management team and to the frontline users. Period. Frontline works create, experiment and implement their ideas, while collaborating and sharing input from across the organization. Managers can track participation and results in real-time and can align resources around specific company objectives.

What makes Rever a leader in satisfaction?

Rated as the #3 leading idea management software solution, Rever gets users and admin rapidly up and running and offers powerful support along the way. Here’s why our users say we earned this spot:

Source: G2’s Top Idea Management Software

  • Ease of doing business: We have a mission to empower the world’s frontline workers and are excited to work with any organization eager to join us in this work. That’s why our focus is on making the experience pleasant. Customer service is a focus from the first conversation through the purchasing process, into implementation and in celebrating customers’ successes.
  • Quality of support: The Rever team is fanatical about creating an amazing experience for our customers. Since our platform is so closely tied to companies’ Lean programs, we first align ourselves with the company’s existing program to identify the best way to integrate and leverage Rever. Our team works hard to ensure customers see the full level of engagement, as well as the quality and quantity of ideas, to best gauge the expected impact on performance.
  • Easy to set up: Setup and implementation is measured in hours. Plus, it’s simple to adapt the Rever platform to a company’s specific organization, sites, product line, objectives, and more.

What’s the secret behind Rever?

There’s more that sets apart the Rever platform. It’s executive team has a passion to empower the world’s 2 billion frontline workers—and a powerful blend of Lean manufacturing and technology experience:

  • The company’s foundation is rooted in decades of firsthand experience with formal Lean programs at industry leaders such as Toyota, Airbus, SAP, Philip Morris, MARS, and other industry leaders. Rever’s formal platform is built upon hands-on experience developing and executing such programs.
  • The Rever team also holds decades of experience in the enterprise and consumer software space at companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Oracle, SAP, and eCommerce. This experience gives us insight into building solutions that are both scalable and easy to use. We’ve seen the power of harnessing data generated by a massive number of users to create information-based insights to elevate individual and the company performance.

At Rever, we have a vision of allowing every frontline worker to tap into their creativity and become a knowledge worker. We believe every worker has an inherent curiosity, desire to improve, and ability to innovate if given the opportunity and the right tools. Rever’s mission is to do just that: provide all frontline workers the opportunity to innovate.

Source: G2 Grid for Idea Management

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