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Rever Sponsors SwArch Meetup

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Rever’s Senior Software Engineer Alberto Romero talks at Software Architecture Guadalajara:  “Bringing Conceptual Integrity to Legacy Software”


Guadalajara, MX – July 20, 2019

Rever, the comprehensive frontline innovation solution, announced today its sponsorship of SwArch Meetup hosted by the Software Architecture Guadalajara. This group is intended for anyone interested in software architecture to share experiences and knowledge, regardless of the level or type of technology worked with. Topics such as Design Patterns, Domain Driven Design, Clean Architecture, Microservices architecture, etc. will be discussed.

Rever’s senior software engineer Alberto Romero’s talk on Bringing Conceptual Integrity to Legacy Software will be centered around a critical issue the software industry faces: lack of maintainability around software. Most projects Alberto previously worked on involved refactoring big bunches of legacy code to speed up product development and reduce time spent fixing bad foundations. This was typically due to a lack of Conceptual Integrity, how a system should have an overall design and how each small piece of that design has a specialized purpose for the final result. The talk will detail his experience developing software in a fast-paced environment while dealing with maintainability problems, ultimately preparing the software for scalability for engineering teams and the end-users.

Register for the event here.


About Rever

Rever is the first comprehensive frontline innovation solution focused on empowering frontline workers to drive innovation and performance improvement. It’s simple-to-use mobile interface enables frontline workers to document, experiment, and implement new ideas, while creating a frontline network for collaboration and sharing of ideas across teams. Rever’s SaaS platform integrates frontline activity into Industry 4.0 transformation. 

Purpose-built for companies in the manufacturing industry, Rever enables efficient improvement initiatives and problem-solving from simple quick fixes to complex innovation. Backed by Sequoia Capital and Zetta Venture Partners, Rever is headquartered in San Mateo with a sister offices in Guadalajara and Barcelona. To learn more, please visit us at Join us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.



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