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Rever’s Silicon Valley Trip

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Our mission to empower every worker to thrive is not just limited to our customers’ employees. It’s also something that we practice internally here at Rever. In that spirit, we recently brought our Guadalajara team to visit our San Francisco Bay area headquarters. Not only was this a great way to connect our workers, but it presented an opportunity to expose our Guadalajara team to the Silicon Valley’s unique business climate for professional development.

We took the opportunity to visit standout companies such as LinkedIn, Netflix, Google and Slack, among others. These visits offered big-picture perspective on how to manage hyper-growth. They also revealed specific details on how individuals can successfully grow within positions where the responsibilities shift on a weekly basis.

The group came away from this visit with a number of key takeaways, including:

  • Culture is King. It’s critical to invest in building and maintaining a strong company culture.
  • Think Big. Don’t limit yourself to a small target market or audience.
  • Make Data-driven Decisions. Build into everything ways to track data and measure metrics.
  • Learn As You Go. It’s okay to not know everything. Experiment and grow with your responsibilities.
  • Give Back. Look for opportunities to coach and mentor inside and outside the company.

In addition to these immediate takeaways, our team members shared with us that this visit has shifted their perspective not only on their current role at Rever but on their entire career. We’ve known all along that continuous improvement demands a shift to a Kaizen mindset, but it’s exciting to watch our employees experience that “aha moment.”

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