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Six Steps to an Effective Recognition Program

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A strong employee recognition program that not only drives performance and accelerates innovation, but also builds a healthy, collaborative culture that keeps individuals engaged and motivated at their company.


  • Drive performance
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Reduce turnover
  • Build a positive culture



Here are six steps to building an effective, scalable Recognitions Program, and how Rever can help.

1. Create a Plan: Define the timeline, criteria, rewards, and logistics.

Rever allows everyone, everywhere to participate through simple guided workflows for ideas, quick actions, and problem solving.

2. Build Awareness: Enable leaders at all levels to communicate the program.

Promote your program through campaigns and communications within Rever.

3. Collect Recognitions: Enable everyone to celebrate others.

Rever let’s everyone recognize contributions by individuals and teams. Building social momentum. 

4. Recognize Publicly: Communicate recognitions in meetings, emails, posters, and public forums.

Real-time dashboards provide insights that make it easy to acknowledge top contributors.

5. Reinforce Objectives: Provide ongoing updates on the accomplishments and progress of your program.

Rever’s dashboards make it easy to share program progress and highlights.

6. Be Consistent: Recognized individuals consistently to build credibility and momentum.

Rever makes recognizing easy, and provides Routines that can be assigned to managers to ensure consistent program execution.


Errette Dunn, Rever’s CEO, explains how employee recognition is critical in today’s business climate. “People want to work in a place that provides engaging challenges and recognizes initiative and a job well done. This is especially true of frontline workers in industrial environments, where talent scarcity is a top issue. Rever enables manufacturers to become vibrant employers where people care about making things better and be rewarded for it.”


Managers and operators benefit from Rever’s addition of Recognitions.

  • Allow anyone, anywhere to participate. No matter their level of expertise.
  • Social, peer-to-peer recognition builds momentum. Everyone learns from each other’s ideas and activities.
  • Enable collaboration across individuals, teams, and different levels of the organization.
  • Drive accountability to participation and contributions to operational execution and excellence.


“Rever has become a crucial tool for identifying losses and sharing best practices, for disseminating learnings, and involving people in improving our processes.” according to Regina Tavares, CI Process Coordinator at Grandvision, “Promoting and celebrating those who proactively seek improvement! Making it easy to consistently recognize those best practices and improvements across organization”.


Rever helps build strong employee recognition programs that not only drive performance and accelerate innovation, but build a healthy, collaborative culture that keeps individuals engaged and motivated at their company. The foundation for a scalable and sustainable recognition program is the ability for everyone in the organization to participate. Rever is accessible via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to allow everyone to be a part of operational performance initiatives, collaborate across teams, share learnings and best practices, and track their contributions 


The time is now to build a Recognition Program that will increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.

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