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Standard Routines Drive Better and More Consistent Operations

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You’ve documented your operational standards. You even have them digitized, and available for your frontline to leverage in their daily work. BUT, how do you:

  • Maintain these standards at the frontline? 
  • Ensure consistent results are achieved? 
  • Manage to preserve standard workplace conditions? 
  • Improve with learnings and ideas?

Enter Rever Operational Routines. Regular checks, audits, and inspections at the frontline that provide visibility into the adherence to standards, as well as the discovery of opportunities to improve.

See a list of common Routine Use Cases in the Rever Use Case Library.

Today’s leaders are establishing such routines with the following characteristics:

  1. Specific goal, description, and steps
  2. Designated frequency and location
  3. Assignees that are held accountable
  4. Observation are documented
  5. Action items are assigned, tracked, and completed
  6. Reports provide insight into trends 

NEW: Rever’s Operational Routines Module

Standardize audits, inspections, and processes to maintain and improve performance. WATCH – Rever Operational Routines (50sec)


  • Ensure operational routines and activities are created, assigned, and executed in a timely and consistent manner
  • Enable the reliable capture of findings, and when required, drive the actioning of those findings to completion
  • Empower everyone to elevate the current standard through a guided process of discovering, actioning, and documenting
  • Reports dashboard of operational routines, their findings, and the associated actions and performance impact


  • Create and Assign Routines
  • Capture and Address Findings
  • Guided Workflows for Fixes and Innovation
  • Real-time Insights into Activity and Impact

Don’t take our word for it. Grandvision has been using Rever’s Operational Routines

This is what the Grandvision team had to say after using Operational Routines.

“The biggest benefit is that when we find situations that are out of standard, we are quick to address them. We assign the findings to the right people, set a timeline, and get it done. In addition to speed to execution, we also have a way to easily document the discovery and resolution of safety, or other critical situations for our records.”

Antonio Barbosa, Continuous Improvement Coordinator at GrandVision

“It’s really simple and very helpful. When I have to do the Gemba Walk twice a day, instead of having to write notes, and take pictures, and send it all to my email so I can address it later, now I do it all right at one time, and in one place.”

Rafael Rodriguez, Continuous Improvement Manager at GrandVision

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