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Webinar Summary: 5S Igniting a Lean Culture

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Watch our conversation with Luciana Paulise on how to implement and sustain 5S as a way to build a lean company culture and obtain lasting results. She focused on practical steps, based on her experience as an engineer and coach on creating an agile, productive, and collaborative workplace. Luciana works with global corporations as well as medium size businesses across the world.

Luciana provided insights form her newest book “We Culture”, as well as incorporated information from her other books books “5S Organization”, “5S Your Life”, and “SOS SME’s – 20 keys to boosting your business”.



Luciana Paulise – Agile Quality Engineer, Coach, Speaker, and Author

Michel Correa – Director of Customer Success, Rever


The 5S methodology and Lean Manufacturing are fully correlated.

The main purpose of Lean Manufacturing is to eliminate the 8 wastes:

  1. Defects
  2. Overproduction
  3. Waiting
  4. Inventory
  5. Transportation
  6. Motion
  7. Extra-processing
  8. Unused talent

And the first step of Lean in order to achieve the goal of reducing these 8 wastes is 5S.


Build a WE Culture by showing you CARE

Defining an intentional culture makes it easier for team members to be engaged and follow the desired behaviors which lead to more innovation, quality, engagement, and agility.

  • Connect
  • Attend
  • Respect
  • Empower


Hard Benefits

  • 33% improved lead time
  • 68% inventory reduction and cloud space reduction
  • 38% Reduced physical “footprint” of floor space required
  • 30% Reduced preparation time
  • 85% mistakes decreased


Soft Benefits

  • Improved employee morale and team working ? Communication
  • Safe environment and less stressful
  • Joy at work
  • Pride in work
  • Clear responsibilities and work-life balance

Watch the full webinar here!

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