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Restarting Your Stalled Digital Transformation Project

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Is your digital transformation experiencing some ‘starts and stops’? You are not alone. As a matter of fact, a recent survey by McKinsey Consulting found that seven in ten survey respondents say the progress of these efforts has slowed or stalled at some point. The good news from this survey is that most organizations can prevent or overcome this loss in momentum.

More than 60 percent of respondents who report stalled digital transformations attribute the problem to factors that—with the right discipline and focus—organizations can control. The most commonly reported sources of derailed progress include resourcing issues, lack of clarity or alignment on a company’s digital strategy, and poor quality of the digital strategy to begin with.



If a digital transformation stalls, organizations can regain momentum by implementing rigorous change-management and internal-communications programs and clarifying the transformation’s projected impact, which can help build alignment and commitment.

 Organizations that, according to respondents, overcame digital fatigue are much likelier than others to have tried each of three interventions: 

  1. Undertaking a rigorous change-management program
  2. Improving the economic model for the transformation’s timing and impact
  3. Developing a robust internal-communications plan. 

The most common intervention is replacing the transformation leader, while the least common is making an acquisition.



The best path is to avoid digital derailment and never get stuck in the first place. A quarter of McKinsey’s respondents identified the following factors as most important in keeping their transformation efforts going.


Read the full article from McKinsey Consulting here.



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