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How Safety Audit Software Elevates Operations

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The best safety audit software provides the highest level of security for your workers — and your company. But it’s not always easy to determine which company to partner with for the most secure and high-functioning safety audit software on the market. As a result, you have a lot of options competing for your attention, all boasting exciting features with the industry’s latest technology breakthroughs.

However, we’re here to tell you about Rever and what makes us special. From our years of experience working with big brands, we’ve mastered the art of providing safety audit software to our clients with reliable services and fast customer support. 

Here’s how Rever helps our partners perform more effective, cost-efficient audits with one simple app.

In-Depth and Accurate Safety Inspections

The consequences of ineffective inspections can be significant for a business. Persistent issues we’ve identified include:

  • A failure to involve all personnel in inspections. Unreported issues can lead to deteriorating conditions and further violations. These can be embarrassing when discovered by external audits, costly to stakeholders, and demoralizing company personnel.
  • An inconsistent approach. All departments of the company need to operate using the same integrated and rigorous standards. Rever’s safety audit software helps conserve time and money by reducing the need for alignment meetings and consolidating reports.
  • Lack of visibility in the audit process. A business is beholden to its personnel and stakeholders to ensure a secure working environment, provide cost-effective solutions, and be transparent about its findings. Lack of transparency can lead to a demoralized workforce and potential safety violations. These can be costly to the company.
  • Too great a burden on the H&S (health & safety) team. The team must be responsible for ensuring good safety practices in the company at all times. However, the team should also be provided with the resources to do this job effectively and within budget, hence the need for safety audit software.

Rever’s solution to these common issues is to offer safety audit software that includes all company personnel in the auditing process. By enabling and encouraging staff to track and complete inspections, our app ensures that nobody is left out of creating a more secure and productive work environment.

How Lean Safety Helps You Identify and Address Problems Quickly

Rever identified a key problem of relying on a bespoke H&S team: the team can quickly become overburdened. Too many companies employ an H&S team simply to comply with regulations. This is often driven by concerns about the financial impact of an external audit finding that the company doesn’t meet basic H&S regulations. However, this simply isn’t a cost-effective way of addressing the problem, which is where our Lean Safety software comes in.

Lean Safety is a concept that involves every member of staff in the auditing process. It reduces the burden on the H&S team, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively by sharing the load within the company, improving communication, and reducing risk.

Benefits of this software include that it:

  • Enables personnel to more accurately report and take responsibility for the auditing process, creating a stronger relationship between employer and staff and reducing the risk of the company being accused of negligence
  • Actively improves conditions in the workplace, empowering staff members to address areas of concern without wasting time and resources in referrals
  • Improves documentation of noted issues and allows the company to create a plan to better address common areas of concern
  • Allows a business to monitor the activities of its staff more effectively, increasing personal accountability and enabling decision-makers to make informed choices

The Lean Safety software provided by Rever allows businesses to build trust with their workers, thus boosting morale and productivity. At the same time, it offers a more effective means of identifying problems, conserving time and money that could have been wasted on fruitless investigations into unreported issues.

How Behavioral-Based Safety Reduces Expenditure and Improves Results

Behavioral-based safety improves accountability by enabling staff to report issues while allowing the H&S team to assess whether procedures are being followed properly by workers. This, in turn, permits better staff training and supervision. With safety audit software designed around staff behavior, the risk to the company and the workforce is minimized by continuous analysis of ongoing practices.

Accountability is increased for anyone violating regulations, which helps a business reduce the financial risk incurred from accidents that might otherwise go unexplained. Meanwhile, staff morale and productivity can be increased by the company showing trust in their responsibilities, compared to uncoordinated monitoring provided by an H&S team that could be stressed for resources.

The behavioral-based safety methodology implemented in Rever’s safety audit software is designed to improve coordination between staff, stakeholders, and the H&S team. As a result, it reduces unnecessary costs and stress among staff while enabling a company to better educate its staff on best practices in the workplace.

Implementing Rever’s Safety Audit Software in Your Business

We understand that you have many options for safety audit software. Rever’s software specializes in increasing accountability. It enables better personnel management while significantly reducing the unnecessary costs companies often incur from outdated H&S practices. If you’re interested in learning more about how your business could benefit from Lean Safety, get started now.


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